a monster comics anthology for KIDS!

River Bird Comics

Edited by Bob Flynn and Dan Moynihan

52 pages ~ $15 | Blue and Orange Risograph | 6.5 x 5 inches

GULP!, an all-ages anthology. GULP! will debut on September 28 at the fourth annual Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE, and be available at select comics shops in the region. The editorial team for GULP! includes the creators of Heeby Jeeby Comix ( and cartoonists on Nickelodeon Magazine, Bob Flynn and Dan Moynihan. This volume was designed and produced by Roho, owner/publisher of River Bird Comics and creator of Hellbound. GULP! features eleven funny and spooky stories geared towards children of all ages. Tales are by some of New England’s best artists and writers featuring co-editor Dan Moynihan, Rachel Dukes, Owen Heitmann, Clay McCormack, John Lechner, Ansis Purins, Jef Czekaj, Michael Lee Harris, Greg Cook, Eric Boeker with Dirk Tiede, and Hellbound III editor Jerel Dye. Collectively, they have created over a dozen children’s books such as A Froggy Fable, The Clever Stick, A Call for a New Alphabet, and Cat Secrets. In addition, their work has appeared in Nickelodeon Magazine, SpongeBob Comics, Candlewick Press, BOOM! Studios, First Second Books, ARGH! Comics, the Boston Children’s Museum, Fable Vision Studios, Walt Disney Television, and Cartoon Network.
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Hellbound III: DARKNESS cover art by Jerel Dye and Roho


River Bird Comics

Edited by Jerel Dye

by The Boston Comics Roundtable

64 pages ~ $25 | Black and White | 8.5 x 11 inches

The Art Edition features a wraparound full color cover nearly a yard long, designed by Roho and featuring art by Jerel Dye. This volume continues in the same horrifying tradition with eleven chilling tales that examine the darkness that lies within all of us. These gruesome narratives feature some of New England’s best artists and writers: a quick taste of zombies, a story set in a mortuary, the dark side of high-school overachievers. Even baseball gets the horror treatment, The creators work in a variety of styles: totally black backgrounds, light and airy hiding terror underneath, a nightmarish character sketch, and some of the artist explore the woods at night. Also two nearly wordless stories, with one story taking place on a whaling ship and the other in a modern city. Closing out the volume with the chilling words of a criminal. This volume was Edited by Jerel Dye and Kimbal Anderson.
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Hellbound #2 cover art by Jesse Lonergan


Ninth Art Press

Edited by Jesse Lonergan

96 pages ~ $10 | Black and White | 6 x 9 inches

New England's most disturbed comic creators present a dozen nightmares in black and white: a fiend in the next hospital bed, a comic book that drives men to murder, a plague with feathers, a love-triangle in a cemetery... plus a whole unholy host of demons, psychos and misunderstood monsters. These will be your companions for a cozy evening of blood and gore and over-the-top horror as you snuggle up with the second volume of Hellbound.

Hellbound II: Art Edition Cover art by Jesse Lonergan

Hellbound II: Art Edition

River Bird Comics

Edited by Jesse Lonergan

100 pages ~ $75.00 +25.00 Shipping 
Sealed and numbered. Each box was hand crafted on custom paper created exclusively for Hellbound at the Boston Paper Collective in Charlestown by the writers and artist of  this year anthology. The two color art drawn by our Story Editor Jesse Lonergan was screen printed at the New Hampshire Art Institute under the guidance of Joel Gill (Foundation Chariman). Each box contains two hand bound books . This books also have covers made of paper hand made by the creators and hand stamped on black ink. 12 horror stories, 104 pages total in a rich variety of styles.
Hellbound #1 Cover by Joel Gill


Strange Fruit Comics

Edited by Joel Gill

16 pages ~ $4.00
If you like spooky New England-themed stories, fantastic comics 13 one page stories by Boston Comics Roundtable creators rendered in Red and Black. Also featuring a double page illustration by Aaron Drew.8.5x 11 inch digitally printed color edition.

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Hellbound Collectors Edition cover by Joel Gill

Hellbound: Collector Edition

Strange Fruit Comics

Edited by Joel Gill

16 pages ~ $100.00

Hand bound, Screen Printed Books with glow in the dark covers.

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