Monday, September 30, 2013

GULP!  a monster comics anthology for KIDS!

Published by River Bird Comics

Produced by The Boston Comics Roundtable

Edited by Bob Flynn & Dan Moynihan

52 pages ~ $15 | Two Color Risograph | 5x6.5 inches

GULP! features eleven funny and spooky stories geared towards children of all ages. Tales are by some of New England’s best artists and writers featuring co-editor Dan Moynihan, Rachel Dukes, Owen Heitmann, Clay McCormack, John Lechner, Ansis Purins, Jef Czekaj, Michael Lee Harris, Greg Cook, Eric Boeker with Dirk Tiede, and Hellbound III editor Jerel Dye. Collectively, they have created over a dozen children’s books such as A Froggy Fable, The Clever Stick, A Call for a New Alphabet, and Cat Secrets. In addition, their work has appeared in Nickelodeon Magazine, SpongeBob Comics, Candlewick Press, BOOM! Studios, First Second Books, ARGH! Comics, the Boston Children’s Museum, FableVision Studios, Walt Disney Television, and Cartoon Network. Press Release.

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  • ...make this anthology well worth adding to any collection. It’s a treasure trove of stories for all ages, whether you’re just dipping your toes in the dark pools of horror for the first time, or you’re a veteran of the genre want a bit of creepy/funny nostalgia.
  • ...There are no clunkers in this collection and the editing by Moynihan and Dan Flynn carefully shuffles the stories so as to avoid repeating themes on a story-to-story basis. The duo-tone orange and blue from the Risograph printing adds to the attractiveness of the overall work. This was by far the most skilled set of contributors and the most attractive presentation of stories yet conceived for this series, a trend that I hope continues for 2014.
  • ... my daughter was really drawn to this book. Her overall comment was how she really appreciated the diversity of the styles and stories, feeling like she could recommend the book to her girl or boy friends. As she put it, there’s a story for every personality.
  • ...there is no shortage of creatures that haunt, scare and sometimes even pull a heartstring or two. These stories are short, ranging from two to five pages, but they are far from slight. Every entry is a satisfying bit of graphic storytelling.
  • From kids high jinks to thoughtful reflections on the ways we live today to demented humor, New England is a hotbed of quality comics making these days. Here are nine cartoonists whose work stood out at the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo—aka MICE


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