Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hellbound III: Darkness

Hellbound III: DARKNESS cover art by Jerel Dye and Roho

Published by River Bird Comics

Edited by Jerel Dye and Kimball Anderson

Produced by The Boston Comics Roundtable

64 pages ~ $25 | Black and White | 8.5 x 11 inches

The Art Edition features a wraparound full color cover nearly a yard long, designed by Roho and featuring art by Jerel Dye. This volume continues in the same horrifying tradition with eleven chilling tales that examine the darkness that lies within all of us. These gruesome narratives feature some of New England’s best artists and writers: a quick taste of zombies, a story set in a mortuary, the dark side of high-school overachievers. Even baseball gets the horror treatment, The creators work in a variety of styles: totally black backgrounds, light and airy hiding terror underneath, a nightmarish character sketch, and some of the artist explore the woods at night. Also two nearly wordless stories, with one story taking place on a whaling ship and the other in a modern city. Closing out the volume with the chilling words of a criminal. This volume was Edited by Jerel Dye and Kimbal Anderson. Press Release.

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  • ...each individual short story was creative, original and distinctive to the individual styles of each artist and writer. In a compilation of numerous works of art or literature, (or in this case, both), it is important to feel like each story or composition has a fresh new tone and voice to it; and that is exactly what the creators of the Hellbound series have accomplished. If I were forced to choose a favorite story from the compilation, I don’t think I would be able to. Therefore, I’d like to give a brief analysis on a few stories that I have hand picked.
  • With stories ranging from the sinister side of baseball to the treachery of high school perfectionism, the variety of graphic influences alone in Hellbound III: Darkness is enough to buy a planner for.
  • Hellbound anthologies have grown increasingly stylish in presentation. The 2012 edition, "Darkness" starts out especially strong with stories by Janaka Stucky/Josh Wallis and Kimball Anderson.


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