Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hellbound II

Hellbound II cover by Jesse Lonergan

Published by Ninth Art Press

Produced by River Bird Comics

Cover Art and Editor Jesse Lonergan

92 pages ~ $10 | Black & White | 6 x 9 inches

New England's most disturbed comic creators present a dozen nightmares in black and white: a fiend in the next hospital bed, a comic book that drives men to murder, a plague with feathers, a love-triangle in a cemetery... plus a whole unholy host of demons, psychos and misunderstood monsters. These will be your companions for a cozy evening of blood and gore and over-the-top horror as you snuggle up with the second volume of Hellbound. Press Release.

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  • Hellbound Vol II is interesting because it's a focused anthology with a dedicated production staff and a list of contributors that doesn't stray too far from the Boston Comics Roundtable. With regard to the former, the organization of this anthology shows in the high production values and the sense of continuity in terms of design, which is owed to editor Jesse Lonergan and editor/designer Roho. From the stark yellow cover to the sharply-lettered table of contents, Hellbound 2 is a pleasant object to peruse.

  • The craftsmanship in this volume is impressive. John Hilliard’s “Eugene” is the story of a hairy, vampire-like monster stalking innocent victims, but the cheerful storytelling style makes it seem charming–right up until the surprise ending. Joshua D. Hoagland’s “Mt. Auburn Night,” set in the Cambridge cemetery, is a beautiful romp of skeletons and gravestone statuary, drawn with strong blacks and white in a style reminiscent of Aubrey Beardsley. Both are wordless stories (well, “Eugene” has one word balloon) that use strong visuals and creative panel layouts to pull the reader in and tell the story. I have to mention “,” written by my MoCCA travel companion J.L. Bell and drawn by Andy Wong, a clever story about burglars who use the web to scout out potential victims.
  • I am impressed by the passion of the group to create and compile such a wonderful set of frighteningly fiendish stories. Hellbound 2 is a wonderful homage to things that go bump in the night, and our affection for what terrifies us the most.
  • The new anthology is a collection of eerie stories accompanied by equally creepy artwork
  • I thoroughly enjoyed reading this collection of horror stories and hope that the Boston Comics Roundtable and their associated publishers continue making them. Hellbound 2
  • Hellbound 2 is perfect for the horror fan
  • Hellbound 2 is great, so go buy it, you chumps. Laugh and then scream.


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