Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hellbound #1 Cover by Joel Gill


Published by Strange Fruit Comics

Designed and Edited by Joel Gill

16 pages | Black and Red | 8.5 x 11 inches

If you like spooky New England-themed stories, fantastic comics 13 one page stories by Boston Comics Roundtable creators rendered in Red and Black. Also featuring a double page illustration by Aaron Drew.8.5x 11 inch digitally printed color edition. Press Release.

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Hellbound Collectors Edition cover by Joel Gill

Hellbound: Collector Edition

Produced by Strange Fruit Comics

Designed, Printed and Edited by Joel Gill

16 pages | Handbound | 12x18 inches
Oversized, limited edition two color, screen printed books with glow in the dark covers.

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  • This one has a lot of blood splattering going on. From serial killers to evil clowns, this book has a collection of one-page stories to add suspense or make your skin crawl. These stories take you back to the ‘50s when monsters and UFOs dotted the big picture screen. My favorite is “The Pukwudgie,” a little dude who asks for a buck and you best give it to him. Plenty of ghost stories fill the pages also. This one is best read when it gets dark to make you think of the possibilities.
  • We will be re-editing this book soon. If you are interested on an advanced copy to review please let us know.


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