Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Joshua Hoaglund

Joshua Hoaglund is the writer and artist of Mt. Auburn Night. Today we’re going to discuss it and the horror genre.
What are scarier, thunderstorms, roller coasters, or clowns?
Clowns, like the Insane Clown Posse type.
What is your favorite type of horror?
I like to be scared by possession stories, for me they are terrifying. Having an unseen destructive demonic force take over a person's body scares me.
As the writer, what inspired you to write this story?
I was subconsciously inspired to write this story while walking thru Mt Auburn Cemetery. Then one night I just spewed it out onto paper with a ballpoint pen. After that the storytelling has been a rough road of revisions and polish.
Tell us about your artistic influences for this story.
I was motivated by Mortuary Sculpture that I have seen in a Budapest Cemetery and in Mt Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge MA. I am also artistically influenced by my previous career as a stained glass artist and currently by my career as an animator. The theme of the story is inspired by Boston Neo-Gothic movement in art. The poses of the characters are definitely influenced by animation principles.
What storytelling medium do you think serves horror best?
Film, seems to do the best in terms of popularity.
What is your favorite horror story and why?
Aliens 1986 with Sigourney Weaver . I did not know what to expect when I went to watch it, I think I was expecting a cliche sci-fi sequel flick.
What was your first exposure to horror?
Jaws is the first horror movie I remember really leaving me afraid of something that I cannot see. I have more fear of sharks than I do of ghosts.
What do you like best and least about the horror genre?
My least liked horror gaffe is sometimes horror co-opts something not intended to be destructive or harmful and perverts it. This usually becomes a horror cliche. For example, Voudou, Magic, or the Occult, are usually taken out of context and demonized. Many times it is done in an un-thoughtful way.
What’s your horror guilty pleasure?
Anne Rice is my guilty horror pleasure. I like the flowery violence of her vampires.
On the Syfy Chanel ( there are previews of all their campy horror movies. I can sit and watch those previews for a long time.
Who do you consider a master of horror?
Mike Mingola, I love his art style and storytelling.
Are clowns ever funny?
Thanks Joshua for the story and taking time to talk with the Hellbound 2 blog!

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