Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Paper Session N° 1

On August 9th, members of the Boston Comic Roundtable enlisted the aid of the Boston Paper Collective to create paper for the covers of the Hellbound II Art Edition. The Boston Paper Collective provides studio access for paper artists and is located at 523 Medford Street in Charlestown, MA. In addition to having a beater, mixer, 20 ton press, and drying system, along with a vacuum table, vats, and moulds, they also offer workshops, custom classes, pulp beating, one on one instruction and studio rental. Founding member, Zoe Culbertson, was our guide.

In order to make the pulp, Zoe adds bags of shredded cloth to a large bucket of water.
Click on Picture to see more pictures of the paper making process.

Next, she adds a binding agent as the water and cloth mix.

Carl adds colored pigment to achieve the desired color.

The pulp mixes. Captivating, isn't it?

Queen of pulp, Lindsey, adds pulp to a vat while Gabriel watches in awe.

Roho prepares the couching mound.

Clay making a sheet of paper.

Check out his workmanship! Just a good as anything you can buy at Staples!

Gabriel splatters blood on a completed sheet. Real blood? You don't want to know. Seriously, stop asking.

It's Patrick's turn.

Lindsey, Zoe, and a pile of completed sheets waiting to be pressed.

Carl cranking the 20 ton press. Coincidentally manufactured in Charlestown, MA.

4000 PSI. Time to stop cranking Carl!

Cherry moves the sheets to the drying table.

That's it for day one. Be sure to check back when the BCR and BPC team up again to create the paper for the Hellbound II Art Edition boxes.

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