Thursday, September 22, 2011

Paper Session N° 2

As promised in the Paper Session N° 1 post, the BCR and BPC teamed up a second time. On August 18th, we gathered to create paper for the Hellbound II Art Edition boxes. Once again we were joined by BPC founding member, Zoe Culbertson, and for the first time, director, Melinda Cross. Bear with us for this brief PSA:
The Boston Paper Collective to create paper for the covers of the Hellbound II Art Edition. The Boston Paper Collective provides studio access for paper artists and is located at 523 Medford Street in Charlestown, MA. In addition to having a beater, mixer, 20 ton press, and drying system, along with a vacuum table, vats, and moulds, they also offer workshops, custom classes, pulp beating, one on one instruction and studio rental.

Three colors of pulp were used for the session.

In order to get the most out of our time, Zoe and Melinda mixed each batch before our arrival.


Melinda prepares the couching mound.
John the writer makes his first sheet of paper.

Followed by E.J.; adding a new skill to her artistic talents.

Roho mixes the pulp. Or maybe he's searching for his wedding ring?
Steve shows everyone how it's done. Impressive!
Jesse moves pressed sheets to the drying table with scenic Charlestown just outside.
Cherry and John clean couching pads; it's as exciting as it looks!
Finally, Jesse and Melinda strap down the drying table. By morning, the paper will be dried!
The Boston Comic Roundtable would like to thank Zoe and Melinda from the Boston Paper Collective. They were great instructors and fun people to spend hours of messy time with. Please support the PBC and keep the art of papermaking alive!
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