Sunday, October 24, 2010

Faking It by Lindsay Moore, Matt Stumpf, and Charles Schneeflock Snow

How do you stand another day in the cube farm? The boss who is never around except to torture you with his inane comments and demands. The recent college grad to your right who babbles incessantly about the PGA; that kid doesn’t have enough hair on his chin to be so cavalier about his job. And the coffee sucks! What good is it being free if it’s not worth drinking?
You need to be your own boss! Make your own hours and drink the coffee you like! Private detective, yes, that’s it! Solving mysteries and righting wrongs; stake outs, car chases, and saving day! That’s the life you’re seeking… Or the death you’re not.
About the creators:
Lindsay Moore and Matt Stumpf were, at one point, private detectives. When not out fighting crime, they enjoy writing about it. You can enjoy Lindsay's Vlog at The Fan Fiction Critic.
Charles Schneeflock Snow is the creator of the web comic Sordid City Blues. His comics have also appeared in the anthologies Inbound and Secrets and Lies. He lives in Somerville, MA.

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