Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Pukwudgie by C. Ché Salazar and Andrew Abbott

“Puk! Wudgie!”
“PU-PU-PU-UUUUK! wudgie.”
“What fun word! Pukwudgie. I wonder what it means… Puck*wud*gee- (noun) 1. From Native American, folklore a two or three foot tall troll-like being from Cape Cod area. Pukwudgies’ features resemble those of a human, but with enlarged nose, fingers, and ears. Their skin is described as being grey, smooth, and at times has been know to glow. They are notorious tricksters and are never to be trusted!!”
“Crud! Er… Sorry Mr. Pukwudgie. No hard feelings, right? Heh, right?”
About the creators:
Ché Salazar is from the South Shore of Massachusetts, and grew up with the book The Good Giants and the Bad Pukwudgies. His comics have appeared in The First Transmission of the MCC, The Ska-Vengers, and Inbound 4 : A Comic Book History of Boston. He will be launching his webcomics platform, www.production3c.com, sometime in November.
Andrew Abbott is a local illustrator and animator who graduated from the Art Institute of Boston. He is originally from Annapolis, MD but moved up to the Allston/ Brighton area after graduating. He works at the Million Year Picnic Comic Book Shop in Harvard Square surrounded by one of his true loves, comic books. He also loves cheesy horror movies and counts them as one of the great influences in his work. Andrew has collaborated with Ché Salazar on a couple projects including Hellbound, and looks forward to future collaborations. Andrew's other work includes the minicomic Boston Gastronauts in NYTV Blues, his webcomic The Box, and his children’s book Danny the Dung Beetle. If you liked what you saw in Hellbound more of Andrew's work can be found at http://www.theabbsman.com.

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