Friday, October 21, 2011

Screen Printing Session

A few weeks ago we journey into the northern lands of  New Hampshire to Screen Print the Box that will contain the Evil that is Hellbound 2. At the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, under the guidance of Joel Gill we proceeded to lay ink on handmade paper and let the spirits bond it to it.
Here Joel feeds the hungering loom with a mix of unspeakable pigments while Jesse Lonergan quietly and reverently summons the local specters to protect the previously hand made paper. 
The black charred souls of dead trees and past times lays thinly flat on our bone white test sheet.
Multiple sacrifices lead to the right tone, shade and hue. Many don't make it till the end.
Our dearest E.J. Barnes and Cherry Ogata keep an upbeat front to what can rip the shreds the common sense of most mortal beings.
The listen attentively to the whispers of passing ghouls, if you look closely you can see the hairs on the back of their neck stand up.
Not all sheets make it, some are mourn respectfully before being discarded.
Lively accounts of past victories and defeats shaken even the braves among us.
Focusing back on the task at hand helps to keep old demons in check.
Having completed our gruesome mission we send our guiding spirits back to the never ending journey and hope we know our way back if we ever need to go looking for them again.
Good times.

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