Monday, November 1, 2010

The Bloody Curse of Sara Good by Nathan Kitler

Nathan Kitler closes out Hellbound with the quintessential New England story of fear and death: the Salam Witch Trials. Was the ironically named Sara Good unjustly targeted because she was poor and ungrateful? Or did she curse those townsfolk who failed to remain in her favor? Was Reverend Nicolas Noyes a just man, a servant of God, when he investigated the claims against her? Or did he succumb to an intolerant and fearful mob and saw evil where there was none?
Do you want me to tell you? Are you sure? Nathan went to a lot of effort. He did an excellent job. Trust me, it’s bloody good! (Come on, it had be written! You would have done the same!)
About the creator:
Nathan originated in the spooky suburbs of Connecticut, drawing cartoons and illustrating greeting cards. He later surfaced at Wheaton College, where he made editiorial cartoons for the student newspaper.
He currently resides in Somerville, MA, and can be spotted at gatherings of the Boston Comics Roundtable. Investigate further at

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