Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Tale of Jonathan Moulton, the Yankee Faust by Jim Roldan

Men like New Hampshire native Jonathan Moulton made American great. They were the founding capitalists, harnessing their entrepreneurial spirit to build cities out of wilderness. Okay, so Jonathan might have sold his spirit to Satan and betrayed his first wife on her deathbed to finance his goal: a really nice home. A haunted and cursed home to this day but it’s still standing! In the long run, isn’t that what really matters? Isn’t that the American Dream?
About the creator:
Born in New York City; spent the latter part of my wonder years in New Hampshire. My first memorable childhood gift was a box of 64 Crayola crayons (with the built-in sharpener). As a kid I always drew: cartoon characters, animals, comic book heroes, dinosaurs, spaceships-all the good stuff! Ignoring the concerned looks on my parents’ faces I eventually went to an art school, the Rhode Island School of Design, and graduated with a BFA degree in Illustration. After a few years of working in a graphic design studio in New Hampshire, I started my own business illustrating ads, logos, magazines, newspapers, posters, books and the occasional cartoon character, spaceship or comic book hero. I live and work in East Hampstead, NH in a house I share with my wife, two cats and a couple of hedgehogs. As an excuse to get out of the house I help run the New Hampshire Creative Club, a nonprofit organization that caters to area creative professionals. I also teach illustration part time, which allows me to mess with minds younger and even stranger than my own.

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