Monday, October 11, 2010

HELL is Everywhere!

As you can see we have a new format, you can easily find information about our upcoming Halloween Party by clicking on the  PARTY  button on this blog's header. Also we will be publishing a series of Spotlights on the HELLBOUND #1 stories you will be able to find the index on the  COMICS  tab.

If you where at the New York Comic Con this weekend there was a copy of HELLBOUND: The Collectors Edition parading around the aisles thanks to Jaime and EJ Barnes (A House with a Past).

Next week there will be a copy at the New England Comic Con and on the west cost at APE (San Fransisco, CA) you can find Dan Mazur (What Really Hapened to Betty and Barney Hill) or Jesse Lonergan (Sweet Dreams.

As we prepare for the Halloween party, making costumes and scheming pranks enjoy this photos of the screen printing process of HELLBOUND #1.

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