Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Submission Info

As you prepare for the submission deadline there are a couple of things to consider:

1. We would like for these stories to be all ages or at least PG ( stay away from the F-Bomb)
2. We want the stories to be based on real events, and yes that does mean you can include stories that you heard first hand.
3. If you have question or you want my advise please send thumbnails of pages along with scripts.
4. The stories can be serious or comical either way utilize the red in some way.
5. THIS IS IMPORTANTAll those that are accepted into HellBound will help put the artist book together. That means taking the bus to NH ( an hour ride) and helping out over a weekend either printing or binding the artist book.

The link below is a place where you may be able to find story info. There are others, search them out. Also below is the image information about the size of the page. It may turn out that the book needs to be smaller, but that should not effect your image quality. If you are picture with out a story or a story without pictures please post to the BCR google group with HellBound in the subject lines to see if you can find a match.

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