Friday, January 8, 2010

Submission Rules for Hellbound #1

  • Limited to 24 one-page stories. 
  • One over-sized page each (tabloid size 14"x20"). 
  • Screen printed in two inks (black and glow in the dark red). 
  • Horror stories based on New England murders, urban legends, ghost stories and creepy tales. 
  • A hand-bound, signed and numbered over-sized artist book edition will be released at the Hellbound event. 
  • This Limited Edition will be auctioned at this event only! 
Finished pages must be black, red and white and can be submitted digitally beginning March 1st. It is recommended to work on a size equal or bigger than tabloid (14"x20").
24 local creators will be selected will participate in the printing and binding process.

Deadline: April 1 2010.

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