Thursday, October 14, 2010

A House with a Past by E.J. Barnes

Boston is a city of history but not all history finds it way into text books or Duck Tours. In a state synonymous with witch burnings and 86 year old curses, writer and artist E.J. Barnes investigates the questionable ancestry of a Massachusetts home. Did the previous owners engage in highly questionable practices? Were they demonic or pharmaceutical in nature? With the housing market being such a beast, they should have just said no.
About the creator:
E. J. Barnes is a comic writer and artist, painter, gag and political cartoonist, and animator. Her cartoons have appeared in Funny Times and Fortean Times. In 2009 she received an award from the New England Newspaper and Press Association for illustration work she did for the (Greenfield, MA) Recorder. Her comic work includes Blaster Al Ackerman's Tales of the Ling Master, an adaptation of the short stories of humorist "Blaster" Al Ackerman. She collaborated with Patrick Flaherty on a short comic piece for the Boston Comics Roundtable's anthology Inbound #5. She lives in Cambridge and has experienced nothing supernatural in her current residence.

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