Friday, October 31, 2014

Hellbound V: End of Comics

Published by River Bird Comics

Produced by The Boston Comics Roundtable

Edited by Stephen Cartisano

48+foldouts pages ~ $10 | Risograph 2 colors. | 9x5 inches

What is the end for you? sometimes is death sometimes is the end of a bad relationship, sometimes is just running out of rope. Hellbound V is the end of the Hellbound series with a small set of stories that will take you over the edge. Mature readers only. Returning contributors include Dan Mazur (Comics: A Global History), Ellen T. Crenshaw (Nobodies Volume II, Womanthology), Alison Burke and Tara Harris (A.R.R.O.), Patrick Flaherty, E.J. Barnes (Tales of the Ling, An Invitation to the World of Luisa Felix), and Clayton McCormack (Dead Meat, Heavy Metal Magazine). Joining them for the first time on this volume are Gary Bonesteel (Killer Ink Comics), Ben Doane (Subcultures), and Brenton Barnes (Bartkira, Mister Reusch’s Black and White Illustration Book).

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