Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hellbound V: The End of Comics | Submission Guidelines


Hellbound V will be the final horror anthology from River Bird Comics and this year’s theme is The End. Submit your stories exploring what The End means to you. Don’t give us any prequels, first chapters, or stories that close with the following: “The End?” We don’t want them! Hellbound V will be a return to “grown-up stories”. We’re upping the intensity level to eleven! You have up to 8 pages to be as disturbing and fear-inducing as you can bear! Don’t submit torture porn (or the traditional kind). We’re not seeking gratuitous gore or violence so make sure the use of either is justified by the story. Be imaginative! Push the envelope!! Think outside the box!!! Add a fourth cliché here!!!! This is your last chance! There won’t be a Hellbound VI, It ends with Hellbound V: End of Comics!

The size of the book will be 5 inches by 9 inches, Portrait (so tall and skinny). With some special fold-out pages. Each story gets one fold out page and it's NOT mandatory. See illustration for details.

Color wise we are looking for dark lines (think solid black) and one solid color tones (think about it working as gray but keep it on a separate layer if doing it digitally). We will be probably printing the book via Risograph.  * Below is an example of what we are looking for, the color or tone should be solid, and used on non essential parts of the art, no dialogue, etc. Treat it as if it was a grey tone. If you are creating this tone directly on the paper use a solid color that is different than the ink color so it's easy to separate to be printed.  If doing digitally we need two grayscale Tiff files, one with the line work/blacks and the other one with the tone color. Here is an example of a simple way to approach the process:

This issue will be story edited by Stephen Cartisano and Published by Roho. If you are interested on being part of the process of creating the book lets us know we are always looking to help Boston Comics Roundtable members learn how to put a book together. *  We will be accepting submissions for illustrations as well.

Page Limit: 8 pages, fold outs count as 2.
Deadline: September 4th, 2014.

March 2014

For general questions that please post a comment here or email us at Hellboundboston (at) gmail.com
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