Thursday, November 10, 2011

Binding Session

The last step (or next to last) on the assembly of our annual horror anthology was the binding. We reserved the familiar grounds of the Rosa Parks room at the Democracy Center on a Tuesday evening and proceeded to put the book together on an assembly line style.

Jesse Lonergan was our instructor for the evening supervising every step of the process.
Needles, bone folders and rules where the most used tools.
We were trying to keep it as quiet as possible not to disturb the meditating going on the next room.
Until they went quiet and we assumed they were gone.
Each book was folded, refolded, perforated, sewn, trim and stamped by some of the evening attendants. 
The zen chanting emanating from the next room helped keep our head straight during the most difficult steps of the process.
The always elusive eye of the needle kept shrinking as time went on.
Each book was more perfect than the last, keeping our logic defying anthology right on track.
The last step after this (undocumented) was constructing and gluing the hand made paper, silk screened boxes, I am told some night elves and pixies did most of the work. So this is it for the Hellbound 2 Art edition process, keep an eye out for the release details of Hellbound 2: "Regular Edition" coming soon and some very exciting news about HELLBOUND 3!

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