Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Mummy by Carl Tsui

Hellbound 2 Pin Up:
"It's more than a little bit early for Halloween, but here's a filler picture I submitted for Hellbound 2 the horror comic anthology being put together by fellow Boston Comics Roundtable members. A couple weeks ago the Hellbound editors announced they wanted some pin ups. The only real rules that I got where 6"x9", B&W, and no vampires. Out of the classic movie monsters I've always favored mummies so I just had to give this a shot.

Hellbound 2 Pin Up

I'm not a fan of doing B&W work since I very much thrive on tone and colour. B&W rejects all I find really fun about finishing a piece. I went back to my fine hatching style as I needed a way to get some contrast between the bands of cloth wrap and our explorer's clothing. I also found it difficult to get samples and tips about drawing dark skinned people using just B&W. Again, the female mummy not being just white was essential for contrast. Finally I decided to go with the black background to further define the foreground so as not to make a bigger mess with the hieroglyphics.
Mummy trivia: The headpiece on my mummy is modeled off the helm Zita Johann wore in the final scene of the 1932 The Mummy movie.
Corel Painter tip: Scratchboard Rake brush is awesome for doing cross-hatch inking quickly. That's what I used on the explorer's jacket. The background glyphs used a hard charcoal brush to try and give them a rougher sandy look which is admittedly difficult to see in this reduced image."
via Carl Tsui

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