Friday, October 15, 2010

Lady in Black by Line O

Among the 34 islands that make up the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area lies Georges Island, home of Fort Warren; a structure that served as a prison for Confederate officers during the Civil War. Learn of the story that rivals anything Shakespeare penned: an incarcerated officer, the love of his life, a daring escape, a showdown, and a haunting that refuses to die. Experience the history now before Hollywood makes the Lady in Pink 3-D staring Miley Cyrus. (That’s not joke. I read it on the interweb. Don’t believe me, look it up… If you dare!)
About the creator:
Line O was a Lady in Black during the height of the gloomy 1980’s Copenhagen Goth scene, and has probably scared a person or two. Italian painter, Vittoriano Delgado tried in vain to teach her about fine arts, but during the time in which she was supposed to study Picasso’s genius, Line drew underground comics that largely revolved around drugs, sex and Dead Kennedys. In the 1990’s she moved back to her native Norway to study the more marketable subjects of philosophy and English literature, until a tall, handsome American lured her away to his native New England in 2000. She eventually stumbled upon the Boston Comics Roundtable, and surrounded by all the creative energy of this group, she dusted off her old nib pens and resumed her interest in making comics. Line has contributed to BCR’s anthology, Inbound, and currently works on a variety of creative projects. You can check out some of her shenanigans at, and can contact her at

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