Monday, October 18, 2010

It Crawled From the Swamp by Nik Gulacsik

It craved and stalked at will; breeding fear and mayhem in its murderous wake. For weeks, the residents of Abington, Massachusetts knew no peace. They nervously watched the nearby Hockomock Swamp wondering what role it played in their nightmares. Would the horror ever end?
About the creator:
Nikolaus Gulacsik was probably born on December 17, 1980 at Boone County General Hospital in Booneville, Missouri. We say probably due to the consistent presence of forged and dubious documentation among his immediate family. His parents were believed spies of the Hungarian Soviet Republic. They met a suspicious end in a car accident in 1984, leaving their child to the American foster care system. Nikolaus grew up in Michigan, Florida, Kansas and Pennsylvania. He began drawing comics during one of many stays in juvenile detention facilities as an adolescent. A persistent Gulacsik got his GED in 1999 and enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh, where he earned degrees in English Literature and Philosophy, graduating in 2003. Since moving to Boston sometime during 2004, he has been consistently involved in making art and living dangerously. At the time of producing "It Crawled from the Swamp", he was employed by R. Dalton and Son's Shipping. Believed to be a front for arms smugglers, the company is no longer operational. He has no known address. His work can be viewed at

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